Information and Services


Speech and Hearing

Listening Devices
Assistive Hearing Systems
Living Devices
Communication Etiquette
Hearing Therapy
Speech Therapy
Additional Audiological Services: Tinnitus / Vertigo / Balance / BAHA / Cochlear Implants / Children
Emotional Support: Email Fanie



Assessment Process Brochure
Access Sheet
International T-Coil Symbol of Access
Access Article 9 of the UN Convention
Hearing Loss: Why Hearing Loss is Considered a Disability
Basic Hints for Interaction
Accessibility of lecture rooms/conference facilities/churches
Prevalence of Hearing Loss – Adults & Children
International Symbol for Deafness and Hearing Impairment


Recruitment and Job Placement: Email Fanie
Tertiary Education and Training: Email Fanie
Labour Relations: Email Fanie
Occupational Health & Safety: Compensation Cases: Email Fanie
Entrepreneurial Projects: Email Fanie

Law and Human Rights

Disability Grants
Who are Persons with Disabilities
UN Convention
3rd Party Claims / Medico-Legal Advice: Email Fanie

Tax and Insurance

Disability Insurance Coverage: Email Fanie
Tax Deductions – medical, physical impairment, disability expenses:
Confirmation of Diagnosis
Medical Aid Tax Guide
Qualifying Disabilities
Editorials: Benefits for Parents and Taxpayers; Effectiveness of the Disability Guidelines; Role of the Tax Practitioner
For more information: Email Fanie

Coaching & Communication

Life Coaching
Communication Support
Communication Etiquette


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Consultations can not be claimed from Medical Aid however are tax deductible if you are a South African taxpayer and registered as hearing impaired/disabled/deaf by an audiologist.