We have a wide range of resources available to assist you in managing your hearing loss. There are videos, audio tracks, Power Point presentations and downloadable documents covering many areas in your life. Contact Fanie for any aspect not covered below.

UN Disability Convention – animated

A short animation from the Scottish Human Rights Commission and the Equality and Human Rights Commission Scotland on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

What is Disability – captioned

Video by WWDA Youth Network to easily explain ‘disability’ under the social model of disability. According to the social model of disability, ‘disability’ is socially constructed.

What is Equality and Diversity

XR Training’s Guide to Equality & Diversity

What is Social Inclusion

A short animation on what social inclusion means, to every individual, to society, to all of us. The animation was prepared by the creative team of the Social Inclusion and Poverty Reduction Unit of the Government of the Republic of Serbia in 2011.


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Testimony Special – Fanie du Toit Part 1
Testimony Special – Fanie du Toit Part 2
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“I have a Dream”

Living Independently by using Assistive Listening Devices Part 1


Living Independently by using Assistive Listening Devices Part 2


Hearing Loss in Perspective – video

Hearing Loss in Perspective – Power Point

Why Hearing Loss is Considered a Disability – video

Why Hearing Loss is Considered a Disability – Powerpoint

How to Integrate the Medical and Social Models

The video below shows the history of the Hearing Clinic and their involvement in the development and support of the Road to Independence

Downloadable Resources

Plus 50 Artikel: Fanie Du Toit
Tax and Insurance
Disability Insurance Coverage: Email Fanie
Tax Deductions – medical, physical impairment, disability expenses:
Confirmation of Diagnosis
Medical Aid Tax Guide
Qualifying Disabilities
Editorials: Benefits for Parents and Taxpayers; Effectiveness of the Disability Guidelines; Role of the Tax Practitioner
For more information: Email Fanie

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