We offer the following services and courses in consultation with the NCPD

Training for the Private & Public Sector:
• To reach full potential in the workplace despite deafness or hearing impairment.
• Communicating with deaf or hearing-impaired employees in the work place.
• From Paper to Practice: The White Paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and the reasonable accommodation of persons with impairments/disabilities (Accredited with 6 CPD points from HPCSA)

Training for Professionals working in the field of hearing loss and disability:
• The Protocol and Guidelines for identifying the functional needs of a hearing impaired or deaf adult (Accredited with 5 CPD points from HPCSA)

General training on hearing loss available for NGO’s, NPO’s, individuals & family members:
• Live to the full despite hearing loss
• Communication and etiquette
• Music Appreciation
• Fatigue and Anxiety Management
• Assistive Devices and Technologies

Hear screening for adults in cooperation with hearX Group https://www.hearxgroup.com/
Advice on Assistive devices & communication support
Access assessments of environments, programs, products & services
Acoustics & noise control in cooperation with TMB Acoustics tmbacoustics@gmail.com
Hearing protection
Mediation: Regarding the inclusion of persons with hearing loss in workplace, educational
• institutions, etc.
Peer support: deaf or hearing-impaired individuals & families

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