• Road to Independence does not sell products.
  • It does not promote any specific hearing aids, makes, models or brands and it does not promote any specific suppliers or assistive devices.
  • It sells information and training.
  • It is in the pursuit of providing information to the professional dealing with the individual adult living with hearing loss as well as to the individuals themselves.
  • It is autonomous and endeavors only to provide information relating to it’s 20 listed areas of interest to those in need of it and to refer the individual to those who can support them specifically in what help they require to get them back on their road to independence.
  • No private advertisers or providers will be listed or referred to unless they provide a specific service which will relate to one of the 20 listed areas of interest.
  • Information is provided as it is sourced and it has no obligation to any of its founders, advertisers or supporters.
  • Marketing space is sold on the website to those who endorse the project and to those who either provide specific applicable services or can show that they too endeavor to improve the quality of life of the adult living with hearing loss.